2014 Riesenfeld Reception and Award for Outstanding Contributions to International Law

By Myriam Denis

Great turnout for our event at the Bancroft hotel tonight!


7:26-Symposium editors outline to the audience various key points of the history of Berkeley Journal of International Law.

7:31-A Berkeley graduate of political science and philosophy presents highlights from Steven Smith’s career in international law.

7:34-Words of wisdom: “When you work on hard cases with someone, you learn a lot about that person”

7:39-“Steve has a very creative playful mind”

7:45-Steven Smith takes the stage.

7:48-Steven Smith, recipient of the Award for Outstanding Contributions to International Law, thanks his friends and family.

7:53-Steven Smith explains how he got to create Berkeley Journal of International Law’s predecessor.

7:59-Interesting fact… when Steven Smith was at Boalt Hall, tuition was… wait, try to guess… 500$/semester!

8:02-“Berkeley Journal of International Law” is one of the top10 journals of international law in the world.

8:10-Steven Smith describes his career in international arbitration.

8:14-Steven Smith mentions international arbitration opportunities in Dubai, Amsterdam, Singapore, Perth, and other international cities.

8:19-On May 9th, the Miller Institute will honor other recipients of prestigious awards of the field of international law at Berkeley.

8:20-Steven Smith goes back on stage to receive his award. Congratulations!