In Case You Missed It: Last Week’s International News, Today: November 15th

Below are a few stories that caught our eyes this week.


The American election has dominated the news cycle in the last week. What does a President Trump mean for those interested in international law? Opinio Juris has published several interesting pieces in the last week worth reading on implications for international human rights, Israel, the Paris Agreement, Syria, and much more.

Kenya Protests

UN Human Rights experts have condemned violence in Kenya against protestors and journalists, calling it “a violent clampdown on a peaceful protest.”

Revised FARC Deal

After citizens voted down a previous deal between Columbia and the FARC, the government and FARC came to a new deal attempting to address some of the concerns raised. This deal aims to end the longest war in Latin America.

Australia Refugees

In an attempt to address international backlash over the way over a thousand refugees are currently interned on Nauru and Manus island of the coast of Australia, the U.S. and Australia struck a deal allowing U.S. officials to screen those being held for resettlement in the U.S. in a one-time deal.