In Case You Missed It: Last Week’s International News, Today: October 17th

Below are a few news stories that caught our contributors’ eyes in the last week.


Burundi blocked a UN investigation team from entering the country after a recent UN report documented disappearances, sexual abuse, and torture during President Nkurunzinza’s bid for third term last year. Since then, over 500 people have died and at least 270,000 have fled the country.

Hate Speech 

A Dutch far-right leader faces criminal prosecution for Islamophohic hate speech used during his campaign. A trial is scheduled to begin on October 31st.


In violation of UN Security Council resolutions, North Korea attempted to launch a mid-range ballistic missile this past Saturday. Though the missile exploded immediately after launch, this is the 22nd attempted missile launch this year.

21 girls

After over two-and-a-half years since their capture that made international headlines, 21 of the missing 276 Chibok schoolgirls have been released by Boko Haram as part of a deal with the Nigerian government. Though some girls escaped shortly after capture, 197 still remain captive.


Turkish-backed rebels in Syria have taken hold of the Northern city of Dabiq from ISIL. The city has been central in circulating ISIL propaganda and had been occupied since August, 2014.

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