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Welcome to Travaux: Berkeley’s International Law Blog. Travaux takes its inspiration from “travaux préparatoires,” French for preparatory work. Travaux préparatoires is a term used internationally to refer to the preliminary discussion and/or negotiation documents to a legal instrument, such as a treaty. Travaux embodies this international term because we aim to uncover, discuss, and debate contemporary international legal issues, much like a working group charged with negotiating an international legal instrument.

Travaux was founded in 2012 by an energetic group of law students from Berkeley Law, located in Berkeley, California, USA, and under the auspices of the Berkeley Journal of International Law (BJIL). As Berkeley Law’s only internationally-focused law journal, BJIL sought to diversify its place in the international field. Through Travaux, our goal is to host a forum where students and practitioners alike can freely address and debate cutting-edge international issues in real time. We hope you find this blog informative and thought-provoking, and most importantly, we invite you to join in on the discussion!

Brittney Lovato

Lead Contributor, 2012-2013

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